Wines by Clarise Sciocatti
Welcome to IL GECO, an independent woman-run boutique wine brand inspired by the crafty and resourceful gecko.

Like the gecko, vines possess resilience and determination. They thrive in the most challenging of environments, relying on their unique adaptations to overcome obstacles and produce the finest grapes.

Throughout humanity, there are many examples of similar stories of resilience such as that of Italian farming families who were uprooted from Northern Italy in 1881 to establish a Silk Industry in Gouna, South Africa. However, the silkworms wouldn’t feed on the indigenous mulberry trees in the forest. Stranded with no infrastructure, and no understanding of the native languages - they became people of the forest who adapted and forged an existence as woodcutters, taking large trees into Knysna to sell. Today Yellowwood and Stinkwood are prized for some of the most spectacular carpentry pieces. Among these families was Domenico Sciocatti, the first to come to South Africa and the forefather of the winemaker, Clarise.

At IL GECO, our approach is as patient and meticulous as our reptilian inspiration focusing on simplicity and balance. Emphasis is put on quality fruit & careful handling. We guide and monitor the natural process instead of making the wines into something it’s not meant to be. Through natural fermentation, limiting the use of oak, fining, and filtration, the resulting wines are expressive, nuanced, and reflective of their terroir. Characterised by their purity of fruit, finesse, and elegance.

We produce Cap Classique for the love of bubbles and more recently Italian varietal still wines, Pinot Gris and Sangiovese. These are in no way typical Italian wines but rather Clarise’s take on them since the vineyards, like her, are rooted in South Africa.

We hope our wines inspire you.

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