Winemaker Clarise with dog

Clarise Sciocatti

Winemaker, savourer & geek
I love nature, drinking wine, family and good company.
Winemaking and Viticulture encompasses all of the above. I get to enjoy and experience nature in the vineyards, being creative in the cellar, having meaningful conversations with friendly faces and naturally, drinking wine.
Viticulture and Winemaking is an ever-evolving subject and practice. The effect of Climate change is noticeable, and in the same way, a vine and geckos adapt, we must adapt practices both in the vineyard and in the cellar continuously to make sure we produce the best quality product in a sustainable manner.
Although this is challenging, there is also nothing more rewarding than opening a great wine after years of patiently waiting - especially if this occasion is in the good company of family, friends and our 2 Beagle Bums.
Wines shouldn't be complicated or pretentious. Just enjoy them. 
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